We are proud to introduce the newest little guy in our family… Morgan Jacob! I’ve taken the last two months off to cuddle him, and can you blame me? Big brothers Ryan and Austin have welcomed him with several hugs and kisses, along with the occasional wrestling move…boys! Now it’s time for me to get behind the camera again. I’m really looking forward to seeing some returning clients, and new ones too!




Love makes a family…

This session was one of my absolute favorites! Little Greenlee was just a few days new, and she is so beautiful. I love all her hair, and she has perfectly glowing skin. She is truly an angel that God sent to adoptive parents Brian & Jade. You could just feel the love that this fabulous couple has for her. It makes you realize that no matter how your family is built, love is all you need.




Andrew turns 7 months

I loved seeing this fabulous family again. Andrew is such a big boy since our 3 month session, and one of my favorite things is seeing a family grow throughout a years time. It ended up being a cold and windy day, but little Andrew and big sister Alexis were troppers. Andrew was very curious on the grass, which I love seeing at this age.




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